Thursday, August 31, 2006

We are up and running

I'm not going to post too much tonight. Im watching the transporter right now. Im not sure why. the movie really isnt very good. I had high hopes for it when i originally saw it, but was very dispointed. the action was just way to unbelievable. I think Jason statham is being typecast these days, and it is unfortunate. i think he could be a kick ass action star if he picked better roles. also, his roles in lock stock and two smoking barrels and snatch was awsome. he has a lot of potential.

now as for the transporter 2. omg, worst action movie ever. in fact, one of the worst movies i have ever seen. the action was beyond unbeleiveable. it was fake even by movie standards. the only part i liked about it was the hot bad girl. something about her was just hot. maybe it was when she licked his cheek. whatever. i also just saw the commercial for crank. the new jason statham movie. it looks equally bad. what a shame to waste his talents. i know he has acting abilities, hes just getting type cast and not caring. eh whatever, maybe the money is that good.


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